Ultimate Plastics : Mission

We strive to provide personal service for all our clients. Through a constant learning curve we aim to provide our customers with the best possible advice and product development. Quality, service and a solid commitment to all our clients is the foundation of

Ultimate Plastics


Ultimate Plastics : Production

The production manager, Chris Giliomee oversees all activities in the factory where trusted Aurburg injection moulding machines are used. All machines are well maintained to ensure excellent productivity and little downtime. A highly motivated staff of 40 people ensures that components are trimmed and packed according to customer specification. Clients will receive a top quality product and on-time delivery.
Ultimate Plastics - Company Building

Ultimate Plastics Profile

Founded in 1999,

Ultimate Plastics

grew from a single

injection moulding machine

to a current compliment of 6 machines, ranging from a 35 ton to 85 ton. All


are serviced in-house by trained staff in our


. Catering for mass production clients as well as small order production runs. The emphasis has and will always be on quality and customer satisfaction. The company believes in long term relationships with their clients. We offer the full compliment from initial drawings and design to prototyping right through to production and assembly.

Our Projects / Customers

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Deck Clips

Ultimate Plastics - Deck Clips Product

Ultimate Plastics

manufacture durable

Nylon deck clips

. The clips are UV stabilized and is practically indestructible. We offer a lifetime warranty, and will replace any broken clips free of charge with no questions asked. Unlike other deck clips our screws are inserted at an angle that increase the strength of the fastener. The clips work the best in solid hard woods that do not distort with time like some tropical hardwoods.

Vision Biotech

Vision Biotech was the first company to do business with

Ultimate Plastics

in 1999. Together we developed one of the leading rapid test devices for Malaria in the world. We started from scratch with only an idea and made the test a recognisable throughout the world. They are part of the Alere medical group that is based in USA.

or www.alere.com

BBI International

BBI International is base in Scotland and specialises in rapid tests for various applications. We developed and produced various cassettes for the British defense force and other big international companies together with them.


ICT International

ICT International with Vision Biotech is currently our biggest customer with a throughput of ±2 000 000 cassettes per month. They specialise in Malaria rapid tests for Africa and supply mostly USA Aid and World Health with tests.


Swartland Boudienste

Swartland Boudienste, a Mooreesburg based company is one of the leaders in the wood window frame and door manufactures in South Africa. We supply all there

plastic products

that get used in the assembly of their doors and windows.



Coulpicks is a small company with big dreams. What started as a discussion in a restaurant became a big business in the catering world. The toothpicks is designed and manufactured by us and the printing done by Coulpicks. With unlimited colour and designs available this is great product.


J Krupp & Co

J Krupp is a manufacturer of the highest quality aluminium ladders which are based in Paarden Eiland. We supply all the feet and other

plastic parts

for the ladders.



Topcap are a custom design peak cap manufacturer in Cape Town. We supply the

plastic peak

that fits in to inside of the peaks. They are the official cap provider for the Springbok rugby team.


Majectic Woods

Majestic Woods are one of our newest customers. Based in Elsies River,

Cape Town

we developed and improved their wooden doorstops. A problem was identified with the wood and together with various other companies we changed from a wood stop to a

plastic doorstop

with better properties with more options in colors.



Steelcraft manufacture custom made stainless steel wire products.  We supply the

soft plastic

end caps for their range.

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